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Daksha Patel

#hellomynameis Daksha Patel WHISatwork Lead

I have over 25 years’ experience working as a senior manager, trainer and coach in public sector organisations and within a management consultancy remit delivering results. Driven by a real passion for working with people to change habits and behaviours, transform stress, build emotional resilience and improve personal effectiveness by using practices based on neuroscience and demonstrating new ways of working.

I’m passionate about inspiring change from the inside out. My ‘vision’ is to support individuals to accept, believe and recognise that by awakening the conscious mind, you develop self- leadership skills that create flow, freedom and fulfilment from the inside.

My "Big Why" is to support driven and motivated business owners, senior leaders and teams within organisations to transform stress, build resilience and align mindset with business goals and values so that you can achieve the results you want.

My "how" is through providing consultancy, training and coaching to support you:

* Become self-aware of the thoughts, actions and emotions that keep you stuck or sabotage your success,

* Create habits that are aligned with your goals,

* Build emotional resilience so you can improve personal effectiveness


Gareth Presch

#hellomynameis Gareth Presch,

CEO and Founder 

Word Health Innovation Summit

Gareth Presch is a social entrepreneur who believes in sharing knowledge. He is the founder and CEO of the World Health Innovation Summit (#WHIS)a platform to inspire, innovate and share knowledge to improve healthcare while stimulating vibrant communities. A problem solver and healthcare strategist who has experience working in public, private and voluntary healthcare settings in the NHS (ehealth) and abroad. Patient focused and quality driven, a former Chief Officer of the National Haemophilia Council a statutory body in Ireland. Gareth has also managed National Clinical Programmes on Blood Transfusion (establishment of the National Blood Transfusion Committee), Haemochromatosis and the Endoscopy improvement programme. He has extensive networks around the world.

He has advised and been a member of a number of successful charity fundraising events in the past and continues to support charitable causes locally, nationally and internationally. He supports businesses in marketing, leadership and governance.

Winner of the Carlisle Living Innovation award 2016

Special Recognition Award Zenith Global Healthcare 2016

Leadership Fellow St George's House, Windsor Castle

Advisor: Binti Period, My Way Code, Global Educator - Tribe of Why, Social Media Lead - PSUK, Columnist - CVH 1st Class Magazine, Big Heart Intelligence
@garethpresch @HIC2016 email: gareth@worldhealthinnovationsummit.com 

Dr Shan Hussain

#hellomynameis Dr Shan Hussain

Shan is an author, general practitioner, health coach, wellness advisor and founder of The Health Studio Ltd. As a medical doctor of 18 years, he has a special interest in health promotion and disease prevention. He works with individuals and organisations to help naturally improve health in a sustainable, holistic manner. He has developed several coaching and mentorship programs designed to help reverse the symptoms of many stress-related health problems. His best-selling book, “The Big Prescription” serves as a guide for readers to learn about evidence-based holistic health practices that create the foundation of his work. “It’s a great honour to join the World Health Innovation Summit and be part of an incredible movement committed to improving health and wellness across communities”


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