Our VISION:  Optimising the wellbeing of individuals and enhancing organisational health & performance.

Our WHY:   Work is a place where you grow and thrive and not just exist and survive.

WHIS At Work

Our HOW:  Creating programmes that embody the following principles: simplicity, significance, shift and synergy.

Our WHAT: Deliver WHIS At Work programmes for individuals, managers and leaders within organisations.


Our RESULTS:  To create change for individuals, teams and organisations by moving them from surviving to thriving which leads to greater productivity, decreased sickness and absence and better health. 

Working with WHIS at Work

The WHIS at Work programme is evolving and going forward there will be a number of opportunities to work in collaboration with WHIS at Work. This potentially could be as a service provider of WHIS at Work, a trainer of WHIS at Work programmes or in another capacity. All these partnership opportunities are currently being explored and developing. If you are interested in finding out more about the WHIS at Work programme and your involvement in WHIS please email 

WHIS at Work Workshop

WHIS has created a signature one day Stress and Resilience Awareness workshop to raise awareness of stress and resilience in the workplace. 

Key benefits of attending this workshop: 

  • Understand what stress is and how it can impact on your well being and personal effectiveness
  • Provides an insight into how the mind works and how you can apply this knowledge and understanding to be more productive in the workplace.
  • Identify and recognise the physical, mental and behavioural signs of personal stress
  • Learn practical skills for managing stress in the workplace 
  • Provides tools for building resilience 

If you would like to find out more information about the workshop and how it can benefit your place of work please email 

Why WHIS at Work

We as the World Health Innovation Summit team are committed to collaborating so our communities benefit.

Our business model ensures our events and activities are accessible while providing opportunities through the WHIS Federation (Local community networks with central support that have independence with internal affairs #togetherweinspire). Profits after costs are re-invested back into community projects. 

We bring in revenue from community support, partnerships, sponsorships, digital sales, advisory services and a number of other commercial activities which means we can return money back into our local communities. Excess funding after our costs will go to local community projects.

Our Partners